While wearing her bright and pink outfit from ‘Twinkle’, Tiffany posted a Selca with a question for us S♥NEs!

“Did you watch the MV? 

It was worth waiting for, right?!! keke

We’re practicing a lot… so cheer us on~

have a good sleep =]”

Note: Tiffany used a slogan from the ‘Ace Bed’ CF : “Have a good 잠/jahm/sleep!”

She’s So Curious right? 😀 Of course we watched it!! There’s no way we can miss such an EPIC MV right?? Don’t worry and work hard for your comeback stage!! No doubt we will cheer you on so ease your mind Fany!! B)

Source : Tiffany@girlsgeneration-tts.smtown.com  (Translation)ch0sshi,cedge@soshified