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Hyoyeon will be joining the cast of “Dancing with the Stars 2,” which begins airing April 27th at 9:55 KST on MBC.  An MBC staff member stated, “After confirming her participation, Hyoyeon has been busy practicing. You will get to see a new side of Hyoyeon.”

As we know, Hyoyeon is the best dancer in SNSD, so a show like this just makes sense for her to be on.  The producers of the show stated, “As expectations are high, Hyoyeon has also been practicing a lot. It will be a chance for Hyoyeon to show off free dances unlike Girls’ Generation’s choreography.”

I’m betting the dancing queen has a great chance at winning the competition!  I wonder how she’d match up with the other professional dancers that are regulars on the show?  There is a reason why her nickname is the “dancing queen” :P.  Good luck to Hyoyeon, hopefully, actually scratch that, she will light up the dance floor!

Credits: soshified.com