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Two pictures were posted on SNSD’s official Japanese website of Sooyoung with the following message:

“Hello everyone, it’s Sooyoung. While filming the ‘Time Machine’ MV, I feel better after seeing my pet dog Suri-chan*. Suri is so cute that I show her off to nearby staff♪ (laughs).  I can’t really meet her often so my mother sends me pictures, but I want to see Suri soon~!!”

“And something I’ll only talk about here♪ On the table of the film set was some fruit and it looked really delicious. So even though the person on the phone was a guy…while acting as a career woman I said “Grapes~”. (laughs)

Aww…poor Sooyoung doesn’t get to see her dog often, but at least she looks like she was relaxing while they were filming “Time Machine.”

Credits: sonems.net