Hip hop stylist and rapper J’kyun has released a cover of BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” for Sunny due to his admiration (read: crush XD) for our very own soonkyu.

Wow….Fantastic Soonkyu, LYRICS after the break

soonkyu, i’ve fallen for you
because your eyes are sexy
oh, i didn’t mean it in a bad way, don’t misunderstand

winner of a girl group war
soshi’s venus
soonkyu i like you
i like when you play/joke around, everything

nugyu (‘who’, how boom says it)
i don’t remember any other names
instead of sunny, i like [your] real name
no matter what anyone says, it stands out the most
honestly that’s not all
your body, personality, laughter,
i even like your old graduation photos, oh man.
fantastic soonkyu

people say it like this
in soshi, taeyeon is the best
i was one of the people who always thought this
but then i saw you
‘invincible youth’ was a little boring, but get wet one more time
i watched the hot springs episode interestingly
because i’m looking at you again (in the sense of, ‘in a different light’)

what’s good my baby
your feel is kind of very different
something that i haven’t felt from anyone else
a burst of [something] energy

smile happiness
it’s not just because you’re pretty
don’t ask anything and just feel who soonkyu is
wow fantastic soonkyu

translated by; ch0sshi


Credits: http://facebook.com/princejkyun