Our ladies have been chosen as the number 1 “Power Celebrity” in Korea for a second straight year!  The  survey is based on how well known the person is in Korea, along with categories like earnings, influence, reputation and professionalism.  This survey is equivalent to the Forbes “Celebrity 100” in the US.

They came in first and second place in the categories of articles published and CF’s plus TV broadcasted activities.  SNSD is in huge demand as a TV guest, which boosts their popularity along with the show they are appearing on.  This past year, they shot an outrageous 36 CF’s!  Along with that feat, their 3rd album, “The Boys” has already sold 380,000 copies after being released in just the 4th quarter of 2011, making it the best selling album of the year!

Now that’s a power celebrity right there!  If you want total domination of an entertainment market, follow SNSD’s lead!

Credits: soshified.com