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Recently on a forum, a ranking of “SM Entertainment’s Top 6 Beauties” was created and has received a lot of attention.

The ranking rated all SMEnt idols, past and present.  As expected, our center image girl Yoona made the list!  There’s a reason she’s the center image of SNSD right?? :P.  Even though that eye smile will get me every time, if you want to judge on pure looks, I think I would have to go with Yoona as the prettiest out of the girls (not that any of them are even close to not pretty).  She made the list at number 5.

Other idols included f(x) Sulli at 6th (well what do you know, another center image girl :P).  The other 4 idols are all sunbae’s, respectively.  They include Lee YeonHee in 4th, Go Ara in 3rd, CSJH The Grace Lina in 2nd and S.E.S. Eugene in 1st!  Oh man, do you guys remember the “Dreams Come True” days??  One of my favorite songs from way back when S.E.S. was popular.  Maybe a lot of you were still little babies and don’t remember :P.

Anyway, congrats to Yoona and the other idols for making the list of the prettiest SM has to offer!

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net