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Recently, online communities have been commenting about Yoona’s toned abs.

See for yourself above.  Netizens also commented, “Wow they are unlikely abs. However whenever I see her I always think she is too skinny,” “Really, gain some weight please, I wish I could live like YoonA for a day,” and “I think those abs are showing because she is so skinny.”

Honestly, my personal opinion is she is fine.  She’s not too skinny and her abs are smexy sexy :D.  She’s one of the jangshin’s in the group, so of course she’s going to be more slender.  Growing tall and growing wide don’t really mix very well :P.  Obviously, this jangshin grew tall and not wide.  Plus, she’s also a shikshin.  Is it number 1 or number 2 behind Sooyoung?  Who knows, point being, she knows how to eat!  This girl isn’t skinny and just has a ridiculous metabolism to go with those abs.  How many of you ladies out there ship these abs??  Don’t be shy, it’s ok to comment :P.  I know a certain staffer, ah hem, Michelle, wants some of these abs :P.

Credits: soompi.com