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It has been announced that Sooyoung has opted out of a main role in the TV Chosun drama “Speed”.  SM management mentioned that they will be looking for another project for Sooyoung to be in while focusing on her SNSD activities.

She strongly considered the role last November, but as SNSD was promoting their 3rd album overseas, and the production ran into problems, SM had no choice but to decline the role.

A member of the production staff said, “‘Speed’ was unable to sign any contracts with top actors (in the industry) and complete the cast list. This resulted in a situation where they could not even begin filming. It seems that this was the reason why Sooyoung and SM Entertainment decided that she would not accept the role in the drama.”

Awww, poor Sooyoung.  Well, I’m sure there will be more roles in the future for her to partake in.  For now, she’ll just have to focus on dominating the world with her 8 sisters :P.

Credits: soshified.com