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Just spotted these beautifully complied fan-made videos of one of our favourite SNSD members: Tiffany :lol:. It seems that Tiffany has been getting a lot of press recently (both good and not so great) following her debut stage performance in the Korean stage version of “Fame”.

Well, to add-on to the media coverage of our dear Tiffany, I now present for your enjoyment, 2 awesome fan-made videos on our favourite earthly angel that I happened to discover on Youtube.

Kudos to the fans who made these videos and posted them online for us mere mortals to enjoy ;).

Please be warned, though, you might suffer sudden “blackouts” and “nosebleeds” whilst viewing these heart stopping, but, oh, so angelic images :D. Enjoy !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Devoteto220JETI@youtube.com, rachandSNSD@youtube.com