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As the 2011 is slowly coming to an end, “SPIN” magazine has released a list of their top 20 albums of the year. In the list, Girls’ Generation’s First Japan Album was placed in 18th for the best pop album of 2011. 

Writer, Charles Aaron, from “SPIN” says,

This nine-member, all-girl K-Pop drill team fully exploits South Korea’s 800-pound neighboring market with a Japanese-language album (plus English choruses!). And though it may be a translation trainwreck, these chipper, reality-show vets behave with real zeal — eagerly beaming, winking, chattering, emoting when it’s called for — over terrifyingly sophisticated dance tracks (echoes of Latin Freestyle, Italo disco, every Backstreet/Britney scrap from 1999), plus a dutifully aching ballad or two. The peak is “Run Devil Run,” a white swan/black swan kiss-off with a chorus so confidently sassy it could stop a North Korean missile in mid-air.

Girls’ Generation is now growing in popularity in Japan thanks to their successful first full album and sold out arena tour. The First Japan Album was praised by critics for having ventured into a new style of electronic, dance and heavy beats.

Girls’ Generation’s main single, “MR.TAXI”, was very popular with its listeners due to its catchy chorus and mesmerizing choreography. On YouTube, nearly 40 million views have been received for the dance version music video.

On December 28th, Girls’ Generation will also be releasing a repackage album with “MR.TAXI” as their lead single. This album will include various remixes as well as a new song, Time Machine.

Source: SPIN
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