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Soshi starts appearing online in winter-style fashions :D.Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals, one of the many ardent Soshi supporters in the Korean industrial realm, recently posted more SNSD Christmas-themed promotional photos online for SONEs to appreciate and enjoy. All I can say is, lucky snowman doll 😀 !

On an unrelated note, a recently posted video of our 2 favourite Soshi Music Core MCs, Tiffany-ssi and Yuri-ssi, at the recent Music Core studio recording on the 3/12/2011, is sure to bring a smile to the lips of all who view it :).

The duo’s dorky on-stage chemistry and antics never fails to bring on smiles of delight to all who witness it :D. Their adorable winter-themed fashion wear certainly suits them to a T too, don’t you agree 😉 ?!!

So, without further ado, here are the Soshi goodies to spazz over. Enjoy !

Vita500 Photos

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Music Core YulTi Cuts

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: snsd.jp, kwangdongpharm@Twitter.com, monmonsnowSeason4@youtube.com