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On Monday October 24, after SMTown Live NYC on October 23, the girls stopped by MTV Studios in Times Square to do an interview with MTV!  Parts of the interview and filming were broadcast live (no audio though, boooo) on the big screen in Times Square.

Only Tiffany and Jessica spoke on behalf of the girls in smexy English about performing at MSG, their US debut single and future plans for the group.  On a side note, I CAN NOT BELIEVE I WAS RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW IN TIMES SQUARE SCREAMING AND WAVING WITH THE REST OF THE FANS!!!  Yes yes, it was definitely “epic” as Tiffany put it, to be in Times Square while they were filming this interview!

Side note #2, I found this clip of poor Yoona snoozing during the filming haha.  Both Yoona and Taeyeon are pretty sick right now due to their packed schedules.  Let’s wish them a fast recovery and renewed good health!

Credits: bambiyoong7 and SoshiSoshiSoshi2 @youtube