Look at that glorious pink ocean!

Selected parts of the tour were also aired on a Taiwanese television channel which you can view here (parts 1, 2, 3, 4). Video quality is pretty poor, though.

Part 1 starts at 7:11 (Genie, Korean Mr Taxi), part 2 at 7:13 (swan lake/black swan transition video, Run Devil Run, Beautiful Stranger), part 3 at 1:03 (My Child, transition video featuring Key, Gee) and part 4 at 1:52 (Hoot, Oh!, the Pink Ribbon project, Hyo’s birthday celebration/caking, airport cuts).

SM, just give us the whole concert (including solo stages and transition videos!), please. :<

Videos: SM Entertainment (via jsjsjs61@youtube, via @DeerImYoona on Twitter)