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UPDATED: all individual dances and more pictures have been added!
+ Added guide videos on how to use the application.
+ Added Vita500 app making film and scannable AR codes!

So about a month ago, a new Soshi app was released for the iPhone but this time, Android users are in for a treat: you can now have the girls readily dance in the palm of your hand (with the help of your Android device).

It’s an app for SNSD’s new Vita500 promotions and it looks like it comes packed with goodies! As seen in the screen caps of the application, Android users can download and watch videos of each member dancing on her own, without ever losing eye contact with the viewer, to the very cute and cheery Vita500 CF song, “Vitamin Song” (audio here). You can’t help but smile like a fool watching them dance.

As of now, only Hyoyeon’s and Tiffany’s individual dances have hit the web but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing the other seven girls and their versions very soon. Otherwise, go ahead and download the free app for yourself!

Download it here. There is currently no iPhone version available. iPhone users can now download the app via the Apple App Store.

Update (2011.09.16)

Some of our readers have pointed out that without the Vita500 QR codes, you cannot use the application properly and access all of its downloadable content.

For those who do have the privilege of attaining the QR codes but still don’t exactly know how to use the application, two guide videos featuring Sooyoung and Yoona have also been released. Check those out here and here.

2nd Update (2011.09.23)
AR codes and making film!

For your viewing pleasure!

Making film:










Guide videos (Sooyoung and Yoona):

In addition, new promotional pictures have also been released which you can check out below!

Credit: Images: Vita500 (via Tetsuya@SONEms; TheSoneSource@MyGirlsGeneration.blogspot)
Videos: respective uploaders on Youtube