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There has been a lot of talk regarding SNSD’s comeback in the fall, especially since October is right around the corner. Ready for some official releases?

SM Entertainment told TV Daily that

We are planning on having SNSD’s comeback in October. Discussions on their comeback are in its final stages.

Due to Sooyoung’s unexpected car accident injury, the release dates of teasers, MVs and album will be decided based on how quickly Sooyoung is able to recover.

The official statement from SM Entertainment is:

We are in the final stages of making the album, and their comeback plans will be adjusted depending on how much Sooyoung does or does not recover. While it won’t stray too much off the planned October comeback date, it will have to be adjusted to Sooyoung’s recovery.

Although I am very VERY excited for SNSD’s comeback, I wouldn’t mind at all if it was delayed due to Sooyoung’s health conditions. All nine girls need to be perfectly healthy when promoting their album because God only knows how terribly busy they’re all going to be with their jam-packed schedules.

Rest up Soshi and come back with a BOOM! SONEs are eagerly awaiting your return~

Check back to regularly because we will be notifying you guys ASAP when further information regarding their comeback is released! October is going to be one hell of an exciting month, so stay tuned SONEs!

Source: TVDaily

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