If I were an SM Town Photobook that is.

…but I’m not yours yet, because I’m in high demand. I’ve been to Seoul, LA, Shanghai, and Tokyo… so I’m pretty popular. I can’t just give my 288 page self to you for free. If you want me to be ALWAYS yours, then there’s a price for that. How about… ¥5,500 (~$71.50 USD)? To be honest, I’m a bit.. ‘larger’ and ‘heavier’ than most photobooks out there (including Girls in Tokyo), but that just means there’s more of me to love! Keep in mind that just because I’m ALWAYS yours, doesn’t mean that I’ll be ONLY yours. No, I’ll be possessed by thousands of others around the world who will treasure me, take photos of me, caress me, and spazz over me.

But wait… you don’t want that do you? You want to feel special because you have me, to be unique. For approximately double the price at ¥10,270 (~$133.51 USD), I come with a T-shirt, a phone charm, as well as a tote bag so you can show off your sm town pride.

I release on October 31st, and would be the sweetest Halloween treat you can get yourself. You know you want me, so just disregard what your wallet says. She’s a bitch anyways.

by; greeentee@snsdkorean
cr; soshicatalogue via www.7netshopping.jp