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Well, it looks like the Girls have managed to score another 1st place spot in another poll ranking :).

In the recently telecast MNet’s “Idol Chart Show” TV programme, the 9 ladies managed, once again, to score a convincing 1st place spot in the “2011 I Am The Best” segment of the programme.

The show’s MCs noted with great satisfaction the Girls successful Japan Arena Tour concerts (all sold-out events !), as well as their record double platinum ranking in the Oricon Charts for their debut 1st Japan Album.

In addition, our 9 ladies popularity with the advertising business community was also not forgotten ;). Representative clips from the various CFs that our earthly angels were involved in (for example Gobne chicken, e-ma throat lozenges, Vita500 vitamin energy drink, Coway water purifiers) were shown during the programme.

Our beautiful ladies are certainly riding high on the popularity wave at the moment, aren’t they ? Congratulations, ladies; a truly well-deserved win for all the hardwork you all have put in to reach this far in the game.

Here, then, is the promised video-cut of the above-mentioned variety news programme. Enjoy ! SNSD Hwaiting !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: MNet, gayqueenful@soshified.com