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Rino Nakasone, who choreographed SNSD’s “Genie” among other well-known titles, has released the original choreography of the song! As you can see, the final dance routine essentially matches the original, with only a few adjustments to hand motions and other dance steps. Perhaps most notably, the famous chorus dance moves have been left unaltered.

Being, in my opinion, one of the best choreographies in k-pop, it is unsurprising that its choreographer Rino Nakasone has also choreographed a multitude of other recognised dances, including SNSD’s “Oh!”, “Mr Taxi,” “Hoot,” and SHINee’s “Replay,” “Juliette” and “Lucifer.” She has also choreographed for fellow SM Entertainment artists f(x), TVXQ, BoA and Kangta.

Check out the original choreography below!

Source: RinOkinawa@twitter.com