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Add the 2011 Asia Song Festival to the growing list of performances that the girls will be participating in before the end of the year.

The concert, which will be held on October 15th, and will be it’s 8th since 2004.  It attracts quite a handful of tourists each year from across Asia, because of it’s international appeal.  What makes this concert different from others is the fact that they invite the top Asian artists to perform from all over the continent.  They truly take the best artists from Asia, and SNSD certainly fits into this criteria, as they have been invited for a second time.

The event is being sponsored by The Korean Industry for Cultural Exchange and UNICEF.  Charitable in nature, Asia Song Festival is one of the largest of it’s kind in all of Asia.  Proceeds will be helping those in need around the world.  This will be the 8th running of the Asia Song Festival.

The event will be held in Daegu Stadium in Daegu city, taking it away from the Seoul venue that it occupied for the last three years.  Other famous Asian acts like Super Junior, Perfume (J-Pop), Taiwanese singer Peter Ho, Leo Ku from Hong Kong, China’s Zhou Bi Chang, and Thailand’s Tata Yan will also be participating.

It’s great to see SNSD put in time and energy for such a great cause!

– Steve

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