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After experiencing audio problems during their performance at the 2011 Summer Sonic Music Festival the girls have received praise for the way they handled the situation.  

Summer Sonic is Japan’s biggest rock festival, which draws in huge crowds of people each year.  Our girls were invited as Special Guests for the Mountain Stage, which was held at “The Makuhari Messe Convention Center” and performed in front of a crowd of roughly 20,000 people.

While the most of the performance went smoothly, they faced a hiccup during their final song, their Japanese Single “The Great Escape”.  Apparently something had happened to the sound system, which caused the girl’s to lose their accompanying music.

According to audience members “Buzzing sounds were heard but SNSD still stayed calm, and said ‘One More Time!’ to the audience urging them to sing along.” SNSD proceeded to finish the song without audio, and did an encore later, when the audio track was fixed.

This professionalism impressed the concert goers.  Even with such problems, they continued to sing.  They also made sure that fans got to enjoy the song, how it was meant to be heard.

Also, as we all know the girls have had issues before with “lip-synching” accusations. Here’s one performance where they definitely performed live.

Certainly the girls have earned more respect from Japanese fans!  It’s amazing how focused the girls are on putting on a good show for the audience.  They really deserve to be considered as Korea’s top Girl Group!

Clips of the Audio Problem were submitted in the earlier Summer Sonic Thread by catfatcat, but here it is again for those who may have missed it.

Source: Osen, Fanwonder, SummerSonic