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Well, not exactly 500, but close enough ;). Just my 2 cents worth for the favourite eye-smiles lady of most SONEs all over the world….

“Earthly angel”, “Brighter than Gems Tiffany’, “Beautiful Girl(Lady)”, and so on; Tiffany of the K-Pop group SNSD has been the recipient of every known accolade used to describe beauty, poise and grace known to Mankind.

So, what is it about our favourite eye-smiles lady that elicits such a response from adoring fans of hers, both SONEs and casual fans alike ? In fact, I can personally vouch for the fact that the moment someone lays his or her eyes on Tiffany flawless countenance, the first reaction that comes out of their mouth is “WOW ! That is one Beautiful lady !”

Well, I personally believe her God-given aegyo-fat eye folds, plus her extremely cute and adorable personality is what contributes to her continuing popularity. Coupled with the fact that she is a child of Our Heavenly Father (and she advertises this fact at every opportunity that she gets), this unique combination makes Tiffany very attractive to all and sundry.

In fact, Tiffany has the special ability to make fans of anyone regardless of whatever facial expression she decides to adopt. From dorky to dreamy, cute and cuddly to chic and sophisticated, Tiffany’s various facial expressions never fails to elicit a response from the receiving party, the reactions being positive most, if not all, of the time 😉 !

In celebration of our favourite earthly angel’s innate gift to bring joy to the people around her, via her facial expressions, I hereby present a short compliation of the various heavenly expressions of Tiffany Hwang :

First and foremost, her, oh, so famous killer eye-smiles.

Next up, her super adorable facial pout.

How about when our favourite lady is stumped by a question ?

Her next best feature: the wink that melts the hardest of hearts ;).

Sometimes, even an angel can get surprised by the turn of events :D.

That’s when she says a little prayer for you and I here on Earth :).

Of course, sometimes the only view that we fans can get of her is the side profile, but, that, I sincerely believe, is enough ;).

There you have it, my friends, a short recap of sorts on why SONEs all over find our dear Tiffany so adorable, attractive, cute, cuddly, and so forth ( insert your favourite adjective here), making her one of the important team members that make up our favourite band of 9 earthly angelic ladies, So Nyuh Shi Dae.

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: MuCore, http://snsd-jeti.blogspot.com