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For those of you who don’t know, the girls were given a few days off after they finished their Korean concert and photoshoot in Guam.  While most of their whereabouts are unknown (aside from Jessica who was seen boarding a flight to New York City), Seohyun recently shared photos from her visit with former Korean Basketball player & Coach Park Seungil.For those of you who are unfamiliar, Park Seungil is currently battling Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The girls have visited the athlete multiple times, and have been strong supporters of his fight against the illness.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls prayed everyday for him.  Nonetheless Seohyun’s personal visit is pretty heartwarming.  The maknae decided to spend her day off with someone who needed love and support.  Seriously, the Maknae is so sweet (like a goguma)!

In the photos Seohyun is also accompanied by her mother.  It’s great to see the two of them spending time together.

Seohyun also brought gifts.  The first being their first Japanese album, “Girl’s Generation”, signed of course.  Also a portable DVD player so that he could view the commemorative DVD inside.  I’d also like to point out that Sooyoung purchased that white iPad for Park Seungil earlier as a gift.

Anyways it’s amazing that Seohyun spent her time off in such a caring way.  You gotta love the best Maknae with the biggest heart, Seo Joo-hyun!

– Steve

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