Following in the footsteps of her unnies, our precious maknae Seohyun has posted a selca of herself traveling on an airplane:

Looking fresh and pure, where she was going is anyone’s guess…

Now that Seobaby has joined the selca craze, who’s next? Hyoyeon, Sunny and Yoona, get those cameras out!

EDIT: It has been pointed out that this photo was most likely taken whilst Seohyun was travelling to Phuket with the other girls’, in order to film the AAGG DVD, last year.

I pulled out my copy just to make sure and on page, wait the thing doesn’t have page numbers grrr.. Anyway,  within the first couple of pages (the airport section) other photos of Seohyun on a plane wearing the same top can be seen.

In conclusion, this post is fail. My apologies. Still nice to see a picture of Seohyun though, new or old.

Credit: Tetsuya@SONEms