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 or, in this instance, a SONE in deed…….

On the 23rd of July 2011, during SNSD’s solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, grateful SONEs showed their support and love for the 9 ladies by donating 180kg of rice to the Daniel Social Welfare Corporation.

Daniel Social Welfare Corporation is a facility in SeoCho dedicated to providing moral support to more than 100 intellectually-challenged people, preparing them to be self-sufficient, as well as giving young, handicapped children the love and encouragement that they need to grow and develop as they live their lives here on Earth.

Such meaningful, charitable acts from SONEs, instead of the usual congratulatory flower stands to their K-Pop idols, has prompted representatives of this welfare organization to quote:

There are a lot of SNSD fans receiving help from the welfare organization so they would be really happy to receive rice donations in SNSD’s names.

The acts of sending congratulatory rice instead of congratulatory flower stands to celebrities such as SNSD will popularize the idea of donating to charity. We’re looking forward to spreading the love-sharing culture via congratulatory rice donations through famous celebrities like SNSD

Well, our 9 earthly angels are certainly becoming a real positive influence and social barrier iconoclast, don’t you think so 😉 ?!!

(Besides, you can’t really eat flowers 😀 !)


by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: etnews.com, Taengfan@fanwonder.com