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To celebrate both Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary and Seohyun‘s birthday, Sports Korea had a special interview with the birthday girl.

[Translation credit: fanwonder.com]

Sports Korea: First of all, happy birthday.

Seohyun: Thank you. Happy birthday to Sports Korea too.

Sports Korea: Do you know there is a special bond between yourself and Sports Korea?

Seohyun: I was surprised to hear about that in the past. I think the reason is because Sports Korea always writes good articles. Haha.

Sports Korea: How did you feel?

Seohyun: I thought that this is the kind of fate we wanted. In the future, please watch over me. Am I being too serious? Haha.

Sports Korea: We made a collection of articles from SNSD’s debut to the present day. We want to give you this as a birthday gift.

Seohyun: Wah! It’s first time I’ve seen this. (silently read the articles for some time) This is something new as I used to only see this on the internet. You’re really giving this to me! This is an unforgettable birthday gift. I have to show this to my unnies.

Sports Korea: It feels as if this is the first individual interview you had after debut was yesterday.

Seohyun: That’s right. Then, I knew nothing. I didn’t know what to talk about and what kind of article will be produced.

Sports Korea: (Points at the article) seeing your appearances during debut, how do you feel about it? Do you feel shy or feel like hiding?

Seohyun: Not at all. The bangs made me look really cute. It’s good to look at my old appearance again.

Sports Korea: In the past, you mentioned in an interview that you would like to act in a Japanese drama.

Seohyun: I still have that dream now. I was into ‘Nodame Cantabile’ last time and recently I’m interested in ‘Glow of The Fireflies’. I hope there will be a day when I get to act in a Japanese drama.

Sports Korea: At that time, you have not embarked on your Japanese activities. Looking at these articles, it seemed as if SNSD’s advancement to Japan was predicted.

Seohyun: Haha. That’s awesome. It was a dream that became a reality. Although we worked hard to achieve that goal, i think people around us also helped us. The name ‘Girls’ Generation’ itself contains a dream, right? It’s none other than establishing an era where girls’ shine in the whole world. From ‘Girls’ Generation’ to the time when it becomes ‘Grandmothers’ Generation’, let’s do it together.

Sports Korea: When was your most memorable moment?

Seohyun: It was during our first broadcasted performance where I stood with the members on stage and we cried. I thought it was finally the day we show ourselves to the world after the hardships we endured during the trainee days. I think I will never forget those moments. Looking at the past interview, I felt amazed and decided that we should not forget about our original intentions. However, unknowingly, there have been changes among us bit by bit. That is what I’m afraid the most. I’ll try to stay the same always.

Sports Korea: Recently, there were a lot of talks about the concert in Paris. Is the Korean Wave a reality?

Seohyun: Yes, definitely. Due to the continuous efforts by the seniors, it seems that the Korean Wave are getting the attention now. We don’t think it’s something that comes out of a sudden. I think we are lucky that we are carrying out our activities now. We also have to be sensitive to the responsibility at hand. We have to open the path now so that in the future, others can embark on their overseas activities more successfully.

Sports Korea: What is the individual work that is memorable to you?

Seohyun: I did a duet with Joo HyunMi sunbaenim. It’s because she is someone my parents like. I could not believe I had a chance to do a duet with her and I was really nervous. She held my hand throughout our performance and that was how I was able to complete it. Thinking about it now, I’m really thankful to her.

Sports Korea: Since you debuted at a young age, are there any complications?

Seohyun: The difficult part is that every single action or issues, even if it’s really a small one, people would take notice. I have to be very careful with anything I do. Now that I’m used to it, I feel very thankful even if someone take a small interest in me.

Sports Korea: It’s Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary. Would you like to say something?

Seohyun: It’s always nice meeting reporters from Sports Korea. Are you going to be hardworking and trustworthy? Please give us good articles in the future. How about always giving good news about SNSD too? Greetings to you all. Please stay tune.

Message from Seohyun to Sports Korea

The name ‘Girls’ Generation’ itself contains a dream, right?…. From ‘Girls’ Generation’ to the time when it becomes ‘Grandmothers’ Generation’, let’s do it together.

Words of wisdom as expected from maknae.  Words that encompass the meaning of SNE /소원(wish) / “So-one”… however you read or say it. SNSD and their fans are one family, and we’ll support soshi for as long as we can. 🙂 *fingers curl* 

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Sources: fanwonder.com, hankooki.com & whoever-created-that-macro, kidtaengoo@twitter