A news segment in Korea highlighted and explained what Yuri did to get so slim. PUT DOWN THE GUN!!! she did not go to crazy drastic measures, here is the raw vid, unfortunately no subs but hit the jump for some translations (probably loose)

So, with some snooping and searching, some people have given translations to what the segment explains.

Under Health concerns and medical concerns, she is still HEALTHY, the only thing that has changed is her look (skinny)

The diet consists of a total of 1500 calories, experts are ok with this, only worried about the calcium content

Her diet includes: seasonal greens, 5 brocolli heads, 100g of grilled chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice and other things that add up to the calorie count

Now…..I’m gonna give my two cents…I’m no health expert…but I work out regularly and would like to explain why I still kind of disagree with her regimen.

If she did train for Japan, it means that she is aiming for the national average of 45-50kg. A dancer (or really any high explosive athlete) needs over 2000cal to help out with the amount of constant exercise, and knowing Yuri, she is reported to have worked very hard to get that slim and is using the flex belt properly, I’m just worried the lack of energy intake will bite her down the road.

Take it for what you will, I’m very happy that she is taking the healthiest route to get to her goal, but I still prefer the Yuri of old, and I’m worried about that energy intake.

Note: before you flame, this is an opinion, take it with a grain of salt, I still love you all equally XD