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K-Pop is all the rage now, and travelling with your favourite K-Pop idols is a fantasy (? reality) most fans harbour. Well, a recent survey (yeah, another one ;)) was conducted on the matter and …….

interestingly, 9 out of the top 10 places were occupied by K-Pop stars !

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) recently conducted a survey for the tenth anniversary of its website, asking which part of  the Korean wave (hallyu)  interested participants the most, and who among the hallyu stars would be their dream travel buddies in Korea.

Well, our 9 angels managed to secure a respectable 5th placing , with 4 percent of the total votes counted.

For the record, Super Junior came in first at thirteen percent, Big Bang second at nine percent, JYJ third at seven percent, and TVXQ fourth at five percent.

As stated by the Korean Harald, the poll participants, who numbered 12,085 from 102 countries, were all from countries outside of Korea, and none of whom were Korean by nationality.

The survey, conducted in May this year, was done through the KTO’s website, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

90 percent of the respondents were female, and 77 percent came from Asian countries.

53.3 percent, or 6,441 participants chose K-pop as that part of hallyu that interested them the most, thereby giving it first place in the survey by a comfortable margin of 20.1 percent over Korean dramas (OSTs).

This statistical change highlights a shift in interest within the last 10 years, when Korean OSTs first engaged foreigners’ interest in Korean culture. One possible reason for this shift in interest could be the rise of social media within the last decade.

With regards to the age breakdown of the poll participants, 49 percent were in their twenties, eighteen percent in their thirties, seventeen percent in their teens, eight percent in their forties, and six percent in their fifties; a diverse group indeed ;).

Statistics aside, the popularity of K-Pop is certainly on the rise at the moment, and it is good to know that our favourite 9 ladies have all played a very significant role in promoting it to the rest of  the world at large :D.

Well done, ladies !!!

(Personally, I would have given them a higher placing in the poll results, but that’s just me ;))


by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Newsen, Manila Bulletin (Jonathan M. Hicap reporting)