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With the successful conclusion of Europe’s 1st SM Town concert in Paris over the weekend, it is inevitable that news of this iconic event has spread far and wide……

All the way to Singapore, in fact ;).

Yes, the June 14th 2011 issue of Singapore’s The Straits Times actually featured an article on the Paris event, such was its impact on the world’s entertainment industry. Industry sources have already clearly indicated in many publications and news events that the Korean Hallyu wave is something to take note of and this event in Europe is certainly proof of it.

Mention was made of the speed at which the tickets were sold out and how the French SONEs  staged a friendly protest outside the Louvre Museum to demand an extra show; something which they got, thanks to the sensible folks at SM Entertainment.

What was most interesting in the article was the fact that only about 2% of the audience members were Korean, attesting to the popularity of the Korean artistes and their music :D. 

My favourite part of the article: it is the fact that the ST editors chose to use a photo of the angelic 9 to illustrate the article and the caption below it – Girls’ Generation have a wide following worldwide.

How true !

Read more in the scanned image of the said article below:

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: The Straits Times, Associated Press