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As the village of Yoochiri would put it, anyways.

I am of course, again, talking about soshi for the 90th time. This time, it’s another kid, on another youtube video, doing another cover of snsd’s… dance on ice? On a recent broadcast of the show Kiss and Cry, 12 year old child actress Jin Ji Hee performed Soshi’s late 2010 hit Hoot in an ice rink, and did a pretty damn good job at it.

From the video, it certainly looks like a lot of practice went into the short performance,  especially given the situation of performing a soshi dance on ice. While it’s not as intense as an actual full Hoot routine on ice, the kid is adorable and ends the dance with a power ranger-like (or sailor scouts, if that’s what you prefer) pose. The second Ice Princess Kim Yuna is also present as a judge on the show.

So Kim Yuna, when are you forming your ‘Soshi on Ice’ group?

cr; carrotshow100@youtube
thanks: ♥♥PowerOf9@soompi