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On a recent MBC ‘Golden Fishery” TV programme, aired on the 18th of May 2011, an interesting tidbit was revealed vis-a-vis the mental resolve of the South Korean soldier in dealing with crises.

In that particular episode, Sung Si Kyung, a well-known K-pop ballad singer, radio DJ and TV host explained how important our angelic 9 were to maintaining the mental resolve of the South Korean troops.

Sung Shi Kyung said that the soldiers had pasted photos of our 9 ladies from SNSD in their locker cabinets and “talked” to them whenever they were stressed and faced any difficulties.

Of the 9, YoonA was a  perennial favourite and many soldiers poured out their woes to her photos. Sung Shi Kyung thought that it was really funny, but the troops were dead serious about it and felt that by doing so, it gave them the strength to face adversities and carry on. SNSD really gave them a lot of energy.

Isn’t it good to know that our girls are still able to comfort and encourage others, even though they may not be there physically ;). SNSD JJANG !!!

(Personally, I prefer this image as a morale booster 😀 )

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: newsen.com/tvreport.co.kr, http://fanwonder.com/