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And it’s all your fault Jessica. Wae so beautaeful?

Having heard several of Taeng’s songs with the music removed before, it’s no surprise that the kid leader is, well, amazing. Not to be defeated, Jesshika recently got her own solo song for Romance Town OST, and the mv has finally been released. Unfortunately, soshi’s second oldest does not make an appearance, but the song flows quite nicely with the scenes from the drama. (another to add to the list of things to watch, perhaps?)

More importantly though, a short clip of the sleeping beauty’s singing has been edited as MR removed, showing us all Jessica has to offer. I never understood why it’s ‘MR removed’ as I’ve always thought ‘MR’ itself stood for music removed, but maybe I’m just misunderstanding the abbreviation or something.. so I’m just babbling right now. Anyways, enjoy:

Music Removed:


Thanks to snsd_9@soompi + kittyshroom for the tip.