Veteran actor Lee Dal Hyung updated his personal minihompy with a rather humoros picture of himself being “reprimanded by the police” whilst holding a sign that read:

I’m sorry for loving Yoona

As it turns out, Lee Dal Hyung’s character in KBS 2TV’s ‘Sweet Pit-A-Pat’, Director Oh, is a “hardcore YoonAddict” and imagined himself being taken to the police for having a war of words with Tiffany’s fans online.

After the filming, Lee Dal Hyung admitted,

Although I admire YoonA a lot in the drama, I actually like Taeyeon”, revealing his admiration towards Taeyeon.

Arrested in the name of Soshi?

I joke, I’m a bad influence, little kiddies don’t listen to me. ;P

Although now that i think about it, SONEs… lets not fight among ourselves. 😀 *hugs all around*

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