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Recently on the 27th, our youngest member, Seohyun, was caught at Myeong Dong, one of Seoul’s main shopping district, shopping with her mom.

It seems that maknae gave out her autograph to a Chinese SONE, who luckily got to meet her in real life while he was shopping in Myeongdong with his classmates.

The SONE’s full fanaccount:

Today at 10 in the morning went shopping with classmates in Myeongdong~went crazy until 4 in the afternoon. The girls saw a small, but veryinteresting clothing store. Went in for a round but didn’t see any men’sclothing, so casually played around with the sunglasses on the sunglasses rack.When I found one suitable I checked in the mirror. At this time… I thought along-haired beauty wearing sunglasses flashed by the mirror. My first intuitiontold me, wah this style of sunglasses really suit her. But I immediately feltthat this person looked like Seohyun. But I wasn’t sure (it’s my first timemeeting a celebrity after all), so I kept looking at her silhouette, and feltit’s more and more alike, the girls finished buying things at this time. Theytold me to go but I didn’t go, just stood there looking. Hyun’s mom looked likeshe spotted us, said a few words to Hyun and then went to the register to pay.Seohyun is much prettier in person than on TV! I was hesitant (supernervous)…and then I asked the cashier for paper and pen (he didn’t give me).But coincidentally a classmate brought permanent marker (today is daebak!), butno paper~then I glanced at the ZARA t-shirt I just bought in my hands, that’sit. Seeing Hyun’s mom is almost done paying. I took up courage and went towardsHyun (-.-! My first time approaching a girl) Haven’t even gotten close and Istarted smiling (Ah! An angel~). I told her I was a Chinese Shoshi fan, likedthem very much, and wanted to have an autograph! ~She has to accept (Haha.Cough cough) At this time Hyun’s mom came over, and did something verytouching~Hyun’s mom saw that it wasn’t easy to write on a t-shirt. And used theclothes they just bought to pad it underneath (So kind. MIL, MIL!!), Hyun’s momlooks very young, very kind~wawawa~~The others seems to have seen me get anautograph, and all looked towards me. I was afraid people are going to clogthis place so I quickly bid farewell to the two! ~This totally felt like adream. I actually saw a member of Shoshi that I liked for years, want to cry(but thinking about how unsuitable it was for a grown man to cry in front ofthe door, forget it) ~The only regret was I didn’t shake hands with Seohyun!Mainly I was too excited at the time~forgot everything else~hope I can still meetmaknae in the future! ~haha 

Cr: baidu supergirls bar

Trans: Saqua85@SPD chatbox

All I can say is ‘awwww’. Seohyun’s mother is so kind-hearted!

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