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Seriously though, we’ve struck it pretty good because we found this guy.^


Last week, the whole world celebrated as 33 men were rescued from a Chilean mine. After more than two months, the miners made the 20 minute travel to escape. Spectators held their breath as a capsule pulled each man out, as they were aware of the many possible disasters, such as the capsule breaking, etc etc.

The last miner out was Luis Urzua, a man who risked his own life to ensure that all the other workers would be brought to safety first. A hero in his own right, Urzua was a true captain making sure he did his job as best as he could.

This isn’t too unrelated, so just wait for it:

Now our very own Snsdkorean staffer may not be Chilean, or a miner, or life threatened, or a hero, or even trapped in anything for 70 days, but I do believe that he shares very similar traits with Luis Urzua.

Say hello to Zheming– the blog’s hardest worker and a guy who does everything for readers and other staffers without expecting the smallest piece of praise. Every single week, you can be sure to find your Soshi updates by the one and only Zheming. How sure? Damn sure.

Like Luis Urzua I’m trying really hard to make this Chilean miner comparison work Zheming should have gotten the spotlight a while ago- on October 10th to be precise. October 10th was Zheming’s birthday and I, on behalf of the entire staff, would like to apologize for the late post and to wish him a very very happy belated birthday.

she's celebrating Zheming's b-day

As a new writer, I personally learned a lot from the more seasoned, varsity members, and Zheming has always been sort of a model writer to follow. And like Luis Urzua, Zheming needs his time to be in the sunspotlight for digging loving his job so much.

SO, THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Tiffany lover who made Snsdkorean awesome- you deserve the best! Readers- even you, lurkers- please show some love at the comments below! <– ha. below, like below the earth, like Chilean mine…. are these jokes too soon? >.> sorry



How bout a round of applause? A standing ovation? This is to the staffer who was persistent. This was to the staffer who never gave up. This was to the staffer who stuck with the blog no matter how busy things got in his personal life. This is to you Zheming sir. (Yes I spelled it right! No more typos)

On behalf of the Snsdkorean blog team, I’d like to wish you an amazing “Happy belated Birthday”. 😀 I cannot express in words how appreciative I am in all that you’ve done for this blog…so here’s to an internet hug (which I do not give out often) and to a post filled with words that show just how much we heart you!

She claps her cheeks for you

Once again, I have never felt worse for missing your birthday on the actual date. Please don’t hurtz meh 😦

I’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude towards you but I’ll talk about some less cheesy things 😛 I swear, I love your twitter because you always fill it up with your “youtube” favorites and I can always refer to you for some awesome retweeting, And because you’re so cool, I’ve talked to my connections. I’ll let you borrow YulTi away from me for a night or so…

In all seriousness, you’ve made me realize something. The importance of team work. The importance of sticking by each other’s side and helping the team out when they can’t do it on their own. you’ve stepped up to the plate and that’s something I admire. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being there. ❤



ZHEMING, no matter where I go you always pop up in the corner!!! You are such a diligent poster that 80% of all the posts I wanna write you’ve already written. New material is usually always jumped on by you and I salute your hard working ethic. You have done so many posts that I think you double mine 😛 Without you I really think that Snsdkorean wouldn’t be as updated as it is. Working with you has been a smooth train ride and I hope we can continue this shizz!!






I can not agree more with the other staffs. You are by far the blog’s hardest worker.

I hope you had a great birthday and got cakeeeed & if u didn’t…. -virtually cakes- lol JK.

I love how thee is so attentive and persistent.

You’re one of the closer staffs I know.

Yay to Fany and Taeyang! Naw mean jelly bean? :] ❤



Ahh Zheming. The unsung hero of the blog. We became staff at the same time earlier this year and back then we both were posting LOTS weren’t we? ^^  Half a year later, you’re still posting lots and I’m.. not posting as much haha. I don’t think people realize the amount of dedication it takes to write for a blog like this; I know I sure didn’t while I was a lurker. Even ‘short’ posts may take an hour sometimes since we try to put in our own originality, while compilation or special posts may take several hours to do.. all the staff know that. Despite everything though, you’ve stuck with us the entire time and kept pushing out posts while some of us had other priorities to attend. I think there was even a week in early September where you were pretty much manning the blog by yourself. D:

While we may not say it often, we all really do appreciate and recognize the work you do. Your dedication is unparalleled, your collection is impressive, and your TF2 stats are crazy. I know its probably tiring, so please do take care of yourself and don’t be too committed to the blog! haha. (but no cheating either). As Taeng says at the end of Chin Chin, ‘let’s become closer tomorrow’.