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I saw this on twitter.. I’m not sure how much more perfect things could work out:

89+89+89+89+89+89+90+90+91 = 805.


Please tell me you understood. Oh, and Samsung pics below the cut~

If you didn’t understand then… start studying! >=/

Taeng, Sica, Sun, Fany, Hyo, Yul: 1989ers (6)

Soo, Yoong: 1990ers (2)

Seobaby: 1991ers (1)

The total of their birth years is 805. Like you know.. 08 05. If it were a date, that would be August 5th… HOLY %*$&!!!!

Coincidence? I think not! The mathematical probability of the years adding up to exactly 805 is quite slim.. but that’s what happens when things are destined right? If they had one more or one less member, it just wouldn’t add up to be the same without the power of all 9. Sometimes I think the heavens planned these subtle things just so we can spazz about it when we find out lol. <33

On another note, the Samsung China website is also now rocking new pictures of the girls!

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