^^ Kombanwa! Genki desuka~ Subarashii desuneeeeeee :(! Gomen Gomen! atarashii no.. *Anna gets smacked* ow! Yes I’ll stop it with my (crappy) japanese. Has anyone been at loss with our girls and their Japanese invasion? I’m sure it won’t be before long we’ll have tons of japanese->english translators at work! Don’t you all wish the girls were invading Hong Kong or China, then I could help y’all translate!

I’m sure most of you have watched (and rewatched x 999) the new Genie PV. I’m super impressed. I was in doubt at first… I mean 3D with out the glasses?! But it actually worked out really well, and I’m grateful to all our HD uploaders out there! Below is the Genie PV in HD with english subs! Check it out, courtesy of KonoKaga5600 @ youtube! Please keep in mind the translation might not be 100% correct as the lyrics have not been officially posted yet, so this is all by ears.

So now that you guys get the idea of the lyrics, what do you think? I found myself liking the japanese lyrics a lot more than the korean ones. And I love the MV. I wish there was more of the subplot. The beginning was creepy, or maybe I’ve seen too many scary clown movies in my life.

Time for some comparison!  The new MV seems a lot less flashy compared to the original, but I still like it alot. Still loving the uniform concept, their navy outfits are my absolute favs! The producers also blended the “sexiness” and “cuteness” much better than the original, when we had a strong contrast. I wish there was just abit more of Sunny and SooYoung to even things out. Omg and who loved Tiffany’s “Ah”… I thought it was genius they used the pinkoutfit part for it. Anyways, I could go on and on spazzing about the new MV but I’ll stop at it here!

cr; KonaKaga5600@youtube