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Forget flimsy, short-lasting, dull glow sticks. K-Sones came up with the genius idea of using  LIGHTSABERS. <– see how the word just lights up in your face?

If you were wondering why the pink lights were especially bright and shiny at the SM Concert, it’s because of Sones’ new choice weapons!

Read more to see the difference between regular glow sticks and light sabers

Light sabers easily outSone the two glowsticks

I posted this to encourage all of you to buy your pink light sabers now! Especially for those of you who are planning to attend the SM Concert in California- come armed with these super lighters and show your support the K-Sone way!

You can ebay these (search “pink lightsaber”) for about $2 plus shipping. Make sure you get the ones that are about ^ that size. Some Lego lightsabers are pretty tiny.

Or, you can order from me with three easy payments of $29.99! no spam!

But, if you are in need of ANY sone lights, SSF is selling “Support Bundles” so make sure you check out soshified.com