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Edit: Video from DVD


Yesterday the DVD, New Beginning of Girls’ Generation, was released, both the Regular and Limited Editions. The DVD contains the MVs of Genie, Gee, Oh, Run Devil Run, ITNW, Girls’ Generation, and Kissing You, and a special video only in this package.

The First Press Limited Edition contains, along with the DVD,  the invitation for 2 to their Japanese Showcase at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum on August 25, as well as  includes a pass and a glow stick.

AND, already the girls are showing success. They topped the HMW daily rankings in Japan, beating out some Japanese competition.

The remaining schedule includes the Japanese Showcase on the 25th and their single, Genie (Japanese version) on September 8.

Raise your hand if you wish you were in Japan! *raises hand*

Here’s the video from the DVD with scenes from the concert. Seeing it so official makes the concert seem more epic 🙂 This better mean the concert DVD is coming soon…..seriously……..no seriously.

Credit: soompi (usagi713), soshified, youtube (wwdp1111)

written by taengoochingoo @snsdkorean.wordpress.com