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Okay not really. But according to a recent fan account translated by the epic sili7noy2, something similar;

Hyoyeon at the wheel!
Fan account of some double choding action

I’m a fan of another group kekeke
Hyoyeon is so funny everytime kekekekeke
Watching WGM today I started cracking up from the part Hyoyeon was on the phone kekekeke
Regarding driver license I remembered this episode now keke
Once I followed a friend to a restaurant kekeke
It was where SM Town artists were having a dinner party…

It was around end of Oh! promotion so maybe 3, 4 months ago..
It was like midnight, quite late at night
And there were only few fans there trying to catch glimpses of boy idols kekeke

Then suddenly Hyoyeon and Yoona jumped out of the restaurant
then the manager ran out chasing after them kekekeke

Everyone was watching just what is going on
Hyoyeon was holding a key she got into the van’s driver side and Yoona in passenger side then they took off away kekekekekeke

Other group fans were waiting there and everyone broke into big laughter watching them kekeke
I guess she had the license for it, anyway I couldn’t forget that night kekekeke


Lol-worthy. The two cho-dings in action haha; I wonder where they wanted to go. I can just imagine the boiling anger of the manager left behind as the two speed down the road… Escaping to theme parks wearing masks, going running at the han river… The girls certainly get up to some interesting things in their spare time.

sources&credits: silis7noy2
article by: procrastinatoress@snsdkorean.wordpress