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Before BoShi, before 9pm..there was one pairing that I wanted to exist so badly: SoshiBang aka SNSD + Big Bang. Come on, 9 hot girls and 5 good lookin’ boys, that’s a niceee pair up. We all knew Seungri was close to Tiff and that Yul and Seungri had classes together. Now another pairing as come up….TaeRi? TaeYul? Oh whatever, Taeyang+ Yuri!

Gotta admit,this is quite the hot pairing. On a recent Strong Heart episode, Taeyang was talking about his latest new single, “I need a Girl”, and began telling the crowd that he wanted to meet a girl that he would like a lot and start a relationship with her. Member Seungri then reveals to the crowd that Taeyang actually attended the SNSD concert alone this year and stirred up some interest. Kang Ho Dong, host of the show, pressed on and asked Taeyang who invited him to the concert and why he went alone..

Taeyang ends up revealing to the crowd that during the past year, when he was working on his new album, he began feeling tired from spending all his time in the studio. A friend decided to set him up on a blind date with a girl that “has a great personality”. That girl turned out to be none other than Yul! What a lucky man I bet you male fans are screaming!

Turns out Yul had given him the invitation and now the two still talk a lot on the phone and remain good friends. Taeyang ends the interrogation by telling Yul “You’re one of the few good friends that I have and I’m sorry that I revealed all this. I hope there aren’t any accusations and let’s continue to stay close.” You heard em fans, they’re just FRIENDS. 😛 How often do you see idols admitting to going on blind dates, especially if it’s with another member? But hey, no protesting here. Loved the story actually (:

Even though we see Yul as quite the flirty player, in reality she’s quite shy around the boys and Taeyang is the exact same. Wonder how that wittle date went! Imagine how hot their babies would be though….

And for the record: taeyang’s new album is pretty good. I recommend Move, After You Fall Asleep, and Break Down!

source: XVNTBK@ allkpop
writer: boss lady @snsdkorean