This many!

No but seriously… there’s (1, 2, 3, 4)… 9 of them! =D
Numbers aside, I’m not here for a counting lesson. The girls are off promotions, but they’re still enjoying a huge burst in popularity. With their showcase in Japan in exactly 2 months and LG booth in South Africa for the World Cup, they’re practically stealing the spotlight. EVERYONE wants a piece of SoShi.

Let’s start this off with a letter.

How awesome is that?? Okay fine… I’ll (find someone to) translate. For this first part, you have to understand that SM actually owns a part of SPAO. This would be why SPAO has been so gung-ho about the SoShi and SuJu within their stores. Well, major clothing brands such as Levi Jeans and Nike have been trying to get SNSD. You can only imagine SM’s response, since advertising other companies would be promoting their competition. Well, recently, one company has been drilling SM, constantly raising the ante. It’s pretty much to the point where SNSD is guaranteed to make a CF for these guys. I just wonder how SM was so willing to give them up… These girls are priceless!

Unrelated to the note but related to CF’s and the girls, they have an LG CF coming up, and YoonA is getting a new contract with Innisfree under better terms and higher pay. There is also a rumored Domino’s Pizza CF, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Moving on, does this look familiar to anyone?

Yep, you guessed it (I think?). This is YoonA’s hand mold which was put up in an auction for charity. It went for a whopping 2,303,000 won. In USD, that would be $1940.19. This doesn’t compare to how much the girls are making from their Nippon DVD. In fact, Japan has been so excited about SoShi….

… that SoShi’s fanclub has gained 13,000 fans, and rising. That’s about 1/8th of SSF, which is on an International scale.

This week’s Music Bank is the half year special, so SoShi will obviously be performing. The show is at 6:40PM KST. Drop by the Chatroll and join us in spazzing over the show! Let’s cheer SNSD on to another victory together! ^_^


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