Hmm I think it's time!

On behalf of the SNSDKorean team here at WordPress, I would like to congratulate the Class of 2010 for finally making it! Whether your class was called the “X Factor” or “The Perfect ’10” or whatever other cheesy ass lines they come up with, we’ve finally completed 12 years of mandatory education! (Technically you can drop out but we won’t get into that..) I know, how biased of the Boss to choose 2010 to congratulate everyone..hey couldn’t help it, half our staff are apart of this graduating class including myself.

I can’t provide too many great words of wisdom except that I wish you all good luck whether you’re headed to college, the work force, taking a year off, etc. Have a wonderful summer and be safe! If you’re comfortable, share with us what happened your senior year, where you’re going to college, how boring graduation was!

I walk this Monday so my stories shall come later. Once again, congrats..WE MADE IT.

PS. if this post is all over the place, I’m sorry. Cold meds are knockin me outs D: