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Proudly bringing you an update on birthday messages, phone calls and Family Outing 2.

Amber of f(x) never forgets a birthday. Making sure to wish her unnie and sunbae a happy birthday, she sweetly left a message on her me2day page reading:

여러분!! 윤아언니 생일 축하해주셨어요? ㅋㅋ 안했으면 저랑 같이해요~ 윤아언니!! 생일 축하해요^^ 항상 저 챙겨줘서 고마워요~~ㅎㅎ 오늘 생일 잘 보내면 좋겠어요~~Happy Birthday!!!!!

[Translation by aa-chan.net] Everybody!! Did you wish Yoona-unnie a Happy Birthday? ㅋㅋ If you didn’t, then let’s do it together~ Yoona-unnie!! Happy Birthday^^ Thanks for everything~~ㅎㅎ Have a great birthday today~~Happy Birthday!!!!!

Also, you might remember Taengoo‘s Star UFO Call a few days ago. Yoona also left a message recently herself.

Hmm….this is turning out to be a very Yoong-biased post…Oh well! When was there ever anything wrong with a Yoong-bias? XD It’s even her birthday haha.

May as well share with you some hilarious FO2 cuts. No wonder the ratings have gone up. But Yoong was always one of the members who got the best reviews on the show.

Yoona’s reaction to eating chicken feet for the first time (real lmao):

Yoona taking a splash:

Yoona’s reaction to eating something unepectedly tasty (So cute XD):

Yoona speaking Cantonese (Love this one):

(For those of you who haven’t been watching FO2, Yoona’s often put in charge of cooking rice. She messed up the first time because she took the lid off the pot too early. She got some advice from Sunny who told her to not take the lid off no matter what, but she’s still had some trouble cooking rice since then. Yoona’s become very sensitive and dutiful when it comes to rice lately. XD)

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