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Oh ma gawd, it’s like heaven on earth.

There’s some newly updated pictures of the SPAO store, and they are seriously jjang. Completely decked out with our girls’ faces, it’s clear that SPAO is riding the Soshi effect and making very good use of it. With promotional lines such as Live Green, Star Jeans, and Red It for the World Cup, it makes you wonder how much moolah SPAO is rolling in. Since we know that SME did increase its profits by 471% in one year after all. Looking at the pictures below, I’m pretty sure SPAO is a proud supporter of Dandyu and YoonYul. XD

Now all they’re missing to completely reap the benefits is a male clothing line endorsed by the girls too keke. As previously seen on an episode of Wonderful Outing, soshi can be berry good boys too, yo~

On another note, it appears SNSD and 2PM are also promoting cute headbands for the Carribean Bay theme park. The promotion doesn’t seem to be related to lifeguards or anything related to the music video, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether or not you want to see SeoYoonYul in bathing suits… with bunny ears.

Here’s the full gallery of SPAO/Caribbean Bay, along with some iPopcorn pictures thrown in.

cr: bestiz, 에버랜드 공식 사이트, Samsung Everland Inc., Yurui (LovAEnAi) [yurui.egloos.com]
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