I’m sure most of you (Including me </3) aren’t able to meet the girls in their concerts because of various reasons. Ranging from money constraint,commitment issues and the list goes on.
Pardon me if i’m wrong.
But anyway,yeah you guys will most probably resort to watching fancams as an alternative.
And usually those fancams will normally have one or more of the following properties:

1) Poor quality.
2) Concentrates only on one of the girls.
3) Shaky camera (It seems like you are watching ‘Cloverfield’)
4) Fanboys/girls screaming.

And the list goes on once again. These are what refraining me from watching fancams.

So what’s my main point here?
Basically i’ve found out about this guy who has recorded the whole concert in Shanghai on the 17th of April and actually uploaded ALL of them on Youtube.
And here’s the thing,in HD quality! Pretty amazing isn’t it? I haven’t got the time to watch them yet,but it definitely looks promising after looking through.
I shall post the first part over here. And if you want more,go over to his channel and check them out.

The list of performances & activities can be found under the description box.

Credits: ggohTV@Youtube.com,heisy@snsdchina & Soompi.
Posted by : zheming@snsdkorean.wordpress.com