Feng Shui seems like a pretty random topic to bring into a SNSD fansite but it’s really not. Many people tend to look into Feng Shui when they move into a new house, my aunt herself actually rearranged her own room for wealth/health reasons. Now whether it worked or not, I have no idea. But if you look at the picture above, career, wealth, and fame are all apart of Feng Shui. I’m pinpointing those three specifically because those are the three biggies for our 9 girls.

SBS E! TV is set to air a special episode on the 23rd investigating SNSD’s and 2PM’s dorms. They’re going to bring in an expert and have them check out their fancy dorms in Kangnam and see just how much Feng Shui really affects these idols lives. When asked about 2pm’s dorm, “Since their dorm lies on the South Sea, the location of their entrance way and main bedroom brings good energy, allowing the people to live energetic lives.”

As for snsd’s dorm…WHICH IS JUST TEN MINUTES AWAY (more 9pm interactions plzz!)
“The location and condition is excellent. The Han river flows near it, giving off a positive energy within the house”

There’s just something about this mysterious “energy” that is being given off..looks like we’ll have to wait for the aired/subbed clip before we can really know how big of an impact this force has on the idols’ careers!

And if you’re wondering what the girls’ dorms probably look like:

Just a heads up, those pictures were released awhile ago of the dorms close to snsd’s so it might not be the exact same. 🙂

Thanks to hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM for the original translations.