Throw that confetti and bring out the cake!

What is the occasion you ask? Well, it’s our leader’s celebration of two years as a Chinhan Chingu DJ, as well as her whole year of being a solo DJ!

Entering the booth with her inexperience and flaws but armed with an iron will and a desire to do her best, Taengoo first started her DJing endeavors alongside Super Junior’s Kangin two years ago. She went through alot of hard times, took alot of flak, but through her hard work and optimism she began to shine as a DJ, showing off her talking skills to the nation. After Kangin left this time last year, Taengoo continued to persevere and has since then shaped ChinChin into what it is today; one of S.Korea’s most popular radio shows.

(Chyeah, that’s right.)

As we all know, Taengoo (like her girls yo) always does her best in whatever she does. While we heard her beautiful singing, her hilarious laugh and her witty comments, we also heard the coughs, the raspy voice, and the tired tones. Kim Taengoo, please stay healthy, and I hope ChinChin isn’t too hard on you this year. T^T

That aside, congratulations on this milestone, our Kko Kko Ma Leader Taeyeon.
I will look forward to another year of dorking around. ^^

Remember to tune into ChinChin when you can, 8:00pm KST. Today is bora (viewable ladio), so I’m definitely looking forward to Taeyeon’s anniversary celebrations today.