Have you guessed the meaning behind the post title? It is my sullen duty to be the bearer of bad news in my debut (as a blogger) post. But bad news before the good ones, yes? Remember the sinking of the South Korean naval ship last week? Yeah, it was pretty unfortunate with all the lives lost and mournings following the incident. But what does this have to do with the girls, you ask?

If you’re guessing “Are the music shows getting cancelled again?” then you’re right!  Last week’s Inkigayo was cancelled because of the blitzkrieg, as well as other comedy-related programs. Just as well, we will NOT be entertained with performances from the girls this week, but the music charts and results will go on as usual. Winners from this week’s show will probably be presented along with the winners of next week. But good thing is, the girls will definitely getting some rest this week! Even Taeyeon’s WinWin broadcast will be cancelled. With all due respect, I really looked forward to watch this week’s broadcast in hopes of seeing better outfits from the girls/interactions between girl groups, but unexpected events like this cannot be avoided.

Long story short: Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, WinWin, and Invincible Youth will be cancelled for this week.

OKAY on to the good news! It’s nothing big, actually. Just a description of how lil’ DorKimTaeng was in dealing with distress situations.

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Aww Taeyeon is just so presh! I can totally relate to her; I was once locked myself in my own kitchen. Just in case you didn’t know, the name “Tae Yeon” literally translates to “calm”, which explains the post title 😛 Plus points (and a popsicle) if you guessed it right!

credits: bossa747 + estarburst9 + sookyeong + allkpop.