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Updated with SUBS:

Well, kind of? On Star King, Jessica was playing this one game where you put a bucket on your back and you try to throw the shoes up and catch it in the bucket.  Sadly, our Ice Princess ended up not getting any shoes in her bucket. INSTEAD, she accidently? hurt herself by throwing the shoe to her head instead of the bucket.  Also, after Jessica was done with the shoe-in-the-bucket thing, it seem like this one guy (forgot his name but apparently he’s a singer that came back from the army) was betting that he could throw a shoe in the bucket.  If he succeeds, he will get a hug from our own Jessica!!  Watch the video to see Jessica being a cute dork attacking herself with flying shoes, and find out if that one guy actually hug Jessica or not ;D

Credit: YulsicTv@youtube.com

LOLOLOLOL! I can’t believe Jessica actually bet that if he makes it in, she’ll give him her number! He is one lucky guy >:[