Another Sunday means another performance by the girls. First an interview clip then the performance! Posting this first and I’ll edit with my comments under the cut 🙂

Oh Taec..lookin’ good too.

credits; prot0628

These are finally the other music video outfits! Diggin’ these.

I know i’ve said this so many times..but that hair bump Tae sports just looks so darn good. Yup. Tiffany’s little RDR moment during the interview was more on the cute side than dark side for me..aww 🙂

Taengoo fans are in for a treat, what a killer and fierce wink. Overall though, wasn’t some parts of this performance lipsynced? Well..like everyones said, sh*t these girls are tired. Can’t blame SME too much though, the girls are over the top popular these days D: The stage was good today, the dark red with the dimmed lights fit the mood well. And props to the girls, no matter how tired they were their facial expressions were still aaammaaajjinggg!

I know Koreans/Asians just love the whole pale concept for their girls but… theres so much sun out ladies, let’s be fair to the sun and soak some of it up please 😦 Maybe it’s cause I’m just white washed and others dig pale.